The Casual Hour started off as lunch break conversations on our memories around video games, discussion on what we were playing or going to play, and speculation on the latest news surrounding video game culture. As life has changed greatly for us, we still try to find time to enjoy video games and the news surrounding them. Every week we will make fools of ourselves deliberating about video games, divulge in some harmless ribbing, and do our best to bring you the latest news and rumors about games. Thank you for supporting us and our desire to share our opinions.

Bobby Pease Host

Bobby Pease is the host of The Casual Hour. His passion for video games began at an early age and has been a constant in his life ever since. These days he spends most of his time binge watching tv with his wife, Sara, and two pups Rocket and Gus; however most mornings you can find him with a cup of coffee playing a game or two. He’s a true midwesterner, a tech enthusiast, enjoys the outdoors (if it’s not too hot), collector of all things mid century, and a bit of a card shark. You can follow most of his adventures on Twitter @bobbypease or ask him a question by emailing him at

Chase Koeneke Co-Host

Chase Koeneke is a prolific guest-turned-host of The Casual Hour, serving as the third and deciding vote whenever Johnny and Bobby can’t seem to agree. Chase’s history with games stretches all the way back to Duck Hunt on the NES, and while he dabbles with gaming of all types, handheld gaming will always be his main squeeze (as evidenced by the other podcast he hosts, Gamers on the Go.) Outside of games, Chase is a buffalo chicken buff, self-deprecating wrestling fan, has a love/hate relationship with facial hair and frequents Blues and Cardinals games. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @chase_koeneke.